Hello and welcome, lovely people!


I’m Andrea, a wellness coach and personal trainer based in sunny South Africa!


I’ve been passionate about sports all my life, and I’m fascinated by the ways that food impacts our physical, mental, and spiritual health.


My own relationship with food was anything but smooth in my 20's. I struggled with eating disorders for the better part of 8 years – if it’s a diet, I’ve tried it!


I found peace with food and exercise by the loving grace of God, and I learned to accept and see myself as the unique, fearfully and wonderfully made woman He created me to be.


Living your healthiest life means finding out what works best for you – cultivating habits that make you feel confident and in love with your life! But I’ve also learned that it takes time (and sometimes a lot of trial and error!) to figure this out – that’s where I come in 😊


It’s my heart’s desire to help you explore and discover lifestyle habits that you enjoy, because here’s the thing:


If you practice habits that you enjoy, you will practice those habits for the rest of your life!

No more crash diets. 
No more dreading your next workout. 
No more pressure to do what everyone else does. 
Just the freedom to be your beautiful, wonderfully made self!

Andrea xo

My Vision for Align

We all go through tough times at some point, but the bright side of these times is that we're then able to help others who may be going through a similar situation. The ability to tell someone that you understand what they're going through - that you really, truly know how they feel - is incredibly powerful! It lets them know that help and support are out there, and that they don't have to soldier on and struggle all by themselves.

My own struggle with low self-worth and no true sense of identity led to years of eating disorders and substance abuse, which is why I'm so passionate about helping others feel valuable and beautiful in their unique, wonderfully made skin.

A healthy lifestyle looks different for each of us, but so often we compare ourselves to others and feel pressure to "fit in" and live in ways that make us miserable! Align is a tool that each woman can use to find her healthy; where she can discover and learn habits that make her feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled in every area of life.


No woman is an island; we all need a little motivation and encouragement along the way!

I want Align to be a supportive community where we can share internal and external transformations, and inspire others who are walking their own paths to health and wellness. A healthy lifestyle isn't a destination, it's a journey - and I am SO excited to walk with you every step of the way!