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In my experience, there are a couple of factors that hold a lot of us back from exercising regularly. The first is the belief that we need to do specific workouts - workouts we might absolutely despise from start to finish - in order to achieve any sort of worthwhile results.


Another obstacle? The belief that we have to be at the gym for hours, every single day, if we want to get a decent workout. But how many of us can realistically (and willingly!) devote 2 hours to the gym each day? How many of us would dedicate such a large chunk of our day to a treadmill instead of spending that time with our loved ones? 

Here at Align, I want to guide, help, and encourage you to try different types of physical activity and figure out what exercise works best for you - not exercise the world says you "should" be doing, but exercise you genuinely enjoy and that complements your personal time schedule.


You don't need to spend hours slaving away at exercises that make you miserable in order to be healthy. In fact, that's the exact opposite of healthy! Let's work together to learn what types of exercise leave you feeling spiritually, mentally, and physically content - these are the types of exercise that'll move you closer to living your healthiest life!

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