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Wellness Coaching that empowers you to live your healthiest life!

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Hello and welcome! 😁

I'm Andrea, a wellness coach and personal trainer based in sunny South Africa.

I’ve been passionate about sports all my life, and I’m fascinated by the ways that food impacts our mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Wellness Coaching

What does your healthy look like?

Align isn’t a wellness coaching service where you’ll download a "one-size-fits-all" meal or exercise plan and then be left to figure things out for yourself. I want walk the path to lifelong health and wellness with you, honoring the fact that you are uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully made.


We'll work together to find what healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits work best for you, while identifying and breaking through any barriers to your spiritual, physical, and mental well-being.

Healthy for the Long Haul

Diet, Exercise, and Weight Loss Counseling are key components to Align, as is TEAMWORK. Working together as coach and client, we'll consider your unique lifestyle and preferences to create your very own wellness program.
I want to help you to cultivate healthy habits that you can maintain for the rest of your life, because that's a truly healthy lifestyle!



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